A Proper Hero! ---- by Sylvia Le Breton

Grass Roots Theatre Youth Group's production: A Proper Hero! by Sylvia Le Breton was performed at Darton College in Kexborough, Barnsley on May 2nd and 3rd 2014.
The play is set in Barnsley in 1953 and tells the tale of Mickey Ferris and his best friend Jack Broadhead's adventures at Dunford Bridge where the newly built tunnel under the Pennines is about to be opened. Both Mickey and Jack are avid readers of the “Eagle” comic and the adventures of “Dan Dare” but what they read in the comic about engineering and railways turns out to have an important impact on their lives.
This was the first time that this play had been performed and our young cast transported the audience back in time to their grandparents era of 1953.

2nd and 3rd May 2014

2nd & 3rd May 7.30pm Darton College